EKRA SERIO Stencil Printing Systems

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EKRA Serio 4000.1

The flexible printer
  • Alignment repeatability: +/-12um @6Sigma
  • Pressure repeatability: 20um @6Sigma (+20% accuracy compared to SERIO 4000)
  • Standard cycle time: 9 sec (11 sec SERIO 4000)
  • +18% Throughput
  • Optimized printhead
  • iROCS light, stencil cleaning system, included (+40% faster)
  • New SIMPLEX "Multi Touch" user interface
  • Print size up to 610 x 510 mm
  • Programmumschaltung < 2 min
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EKRA Serio 6000

Autonomy to infinity
  • The system offers storage options for up to nine cartridges directly in the printer
  • Independent paste feeding for more than one layer is made possible
  • Withdrawal takes place according to the FIFO principle for sustainable consumption
  • Thanks to RFID technology, the individual cartridges are tracked
  • Thanks to the access from the front, the cartridges can be replaced quickly and easily
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EKRA X5 Prof

The X5 Professional Optilign MultiCarrier expands EKRA's proven Optilign option.
  • Up to six product carriers or printed circuit boards can be printed simultaneously
  • Productivity on the line increases with maximum print repeatability
  • More throughput
  • Compensates stretch
  • Highest accuracy in ultra-fine pitch
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